The innovative and modular ArsRatio flooring system has revolutionized tile and flooring installation without sacrificing any of the quality expectations established by conventional methods.

Our award-winning flooring system consists of individual industrially pre-fabricated flooring elements that join together with a patented interlocking mechanism for rapid and simple installation.

With our innovative flooring system, we’ve got you covered for surface materials. Practically anything is possible — from ceramic tile and wood to metal, glass, and more. Custom materials according to your corporate design are available upon request.

As a result of the patented interlocking mechanism, our flooring systems install in a snap with no adhesives, grout, dust, dirt, or lengthy drying times. Large surfaces install very rapidly — and the best thing is, it can be done while your business remains open.

The ArsRatio base layer is bonded to the desired surface material using an highly crosslinked polyurethane formula to create the multilayer system element. The result is an absolutely smooth floor with precisely uniform joints — without protruding edges or expansion joints.

The patented interlocking system on all sides of each flooring element ensures both longitudinal and transverse stability. The ArsRatio flooring system has been tested for you according to all applicable EU standards.

The ArsRatio flooring system is the professional solution for architects and construction firms, retailers, grocery stores, POS and retail designers, the automotive industry, and tradeshow builders.