Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards

All laboratory work during which gases, fumes, particles or liquids are handled in dangerous quantities and concentrations must be performed in fume cupboards.

Our bench mounted fume cupboards with side installation which are tested in accordance with EN 14175, e.g., use 350 m³/h/rm, all bench mounted fume cupboards with Secuflow technology require 270 m³/h/rm.

Safety through the intake airflow profile on the front edge of the fume cupboard worktop
It prevents turbulence that could carry pollutant emissions. The slender, patented side posts of our fume cupboards offer an increased nominal width of the internal workspace and due to their special shape ensure that there is little turbulence in the intake air.

Special purpose fume cupboards (EN 14175-7:2012):
• Fume cupboards for high thermal loads
• Fume cupboards for high thermal loads in combination with acid digestions
• Fume cupboards for handling of perchloric acid
• Fume cupboards for handling of hydrofluoric acid
• Radio-isotope fume cupboards
• Filter fume cupboards

The AeroEm is a fully featured fume cupboard which, in spite of its mobility, meets all the requirements of the standard for laboratory fume cupboards, DIN EN 14175. It is equipped with castors and flexible media connections, and can be set up in freely selectable locations at any time by means of plug-in connections. The only precondition for positioning it anywhere in the room is that a service wing must be available which provides the media, including ventilation connection, throughout the room.

AeoEm intended use
• Can be used where required, with connections for the services supply, e. g. service wings
• Unrestricted view into the cupboard from all sides
• Service outlets in the internal workspace
• Control units located externally at the support

MobilAir intended use
• Can be used where required (only in air-circulating mode)
• Control elements located externally